Dying In Style

Dying in Style
Josie Marcus Mystery Shopper

Elaine Viets

Author Website:
Elaine Viets

Josie Marcus a single mother and mystery shopper is hired to inspect a handbag designer's boutiques when a large company is considering paying millions to use the designer's name. Josie mystery shops every boutique and finds each boutique is worst than the others before. Josie's bad report to the company sparks outrage from the designer Danessa Celedine and  she threatens Josie with a lawsuit.. until Danessa is found strangled with one of her own snakeskin belts and Josie finds herself the prime suspect in the murder of Danessa Celedine.

Josie sets out with the help of her best friend to discover who really Danessa and clear her name. Dying
 in Style is a great weekend read. You will be introduced to characters you love, characters you feel sorry for  and characters you love to hate. One of my favorite things about this book, is that it does not include the gory details you find in most murder books. Dying in Style has some great twists and turns, a great plot and clear and concise writing. I read this book cover to cover. A Great Book
5 Star Review

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