High Heels Are Murder

  Title: High Heels are Murder

 Author: Elaine Viets
Series: Josie Marcus, Mystery Shopper
Rating 5 stars

Book Jacket Blurb:

There are some major benefits of Josie's job- like, oh, getting paid to shoe shop. But on the flip side, there are sleazes to deal with... like salesman Mel. His employer, the chichi Soft Shoe store, thinks the heel's a little to interested in his line of work- namely handling women's feet. So they hire Josie to mystery shop the St. Louis store and see whether Mel should get the boot. But one thing leads to another, and Josie finds herself in St. Louis's seedy underbelly. Before long, she gets caught up in a web of gambling, blackmail, and truly desperate housewives. And she hopes against hope that she won't end up murdered in Manolos.


Kick off those heels , grab this book and get ready for one incredible ride. This second book was even better than the first. Truly a fun and entertaining read, with just enough twists and turns to keep you guessing all the way to the last page. When Josie's nosy next door neighbor Mrs. Mueller comes to her begging for her help when her perfect daughter has been accused of murder. Josie sets out with her best friend Alyce and together they find out just how far the mighty have truly fallen. I highly recommend this series. The only problem I have with these books, is that they are so good I read them cover to cover in just one sitting. Truly the sign of a good book.  
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