Daily Survival Guide For Bloggers

Daily Survival Guide for Bloggers

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee.

Every morning I get up early and grab myself a cup of coffee. I use this time to let the coffee work its magic and check out some of my favorite blogs. This is what I refer to as “me” time. I am completely stress-free and I can sit, relax, read, catch up on news and enjoy my coffee.

Day Planner

Yep, you guessed it. I'm one of those people who schedule every minute of every single day. My husband is always teasing me about it. According to him it would take me a month or longer to plan a spontaneous weekend.

I highly recommend a day planner to everyone. I use mine to keep track of meetings, my editorial calender, important notes, phone numbers, addresses, important emails and my daily to do list.

Personally, I work best and have more focus early in the morning so I schedule my most important and time sensitive work for in the early morning..

 I have learned the best time for me personally to make out a To-Do List is the night before, once I have had an hour to rest after a long day. My mind is clear and I can focus on what needs to be accomplished the next day.


I have always had trouble concentrating. I learned at a very young age to listen to music while I work. For some reason music seems to help me focus on the task at hand.
Here is one of my favorite playlists  I listen to while I work.


I have two computers that I use everyday. I use my PC for all my online work but when I need to focus on my writing I pull out my old laptop. The reason for this is simple. My old laptop is not connected to the internet so I don't get distracted and I can focus completely on my writing.

My Phone

My phone is practically glued to my hand. Keeping my phone with me at all times means I can stay on top of everything. I use it for jotting down notes, scheduling appointments, quick texts, phone calls and it gives me the opportunity to stay on top of emails and social media and respond as quickly as possible.

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