Fit Sea Salt Popcorn Review

Fit Sea Salt Popcorn Review

Hi everyone!

 If you are a seasoned fan of Biscotti & Bracelets then you know how much my family and I enjoy movies and popcorn. I have to be honest here, when it comes to popcorn I am a extra butter and heavy on the salt kind of girl.
 I came across the Fit Sea Salt Popcorn by Popcorn Indiana recently and decided to try it. Wow, I will  be the first to admit it,  I was totally blown away.
This popcorn is incredible. I have a new brand of popcorn for movie night. The best part is it comes in  three types to choose from. You can choose from Sea Salt,Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Real Butter.

The Sea Salt is Whole Grain, Gluten Free, Vegan and it has not artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. It has zero cholesterol, zero Grams of trans fat  and it has 130 calories per serving ( 37 calories per cup). I can't wait to try the Real Butter and the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

This is most definitely a Five Star Popcorn

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