3 Simple Steps To Improve Your Writing

3 Ways to Constantly Improve Your Writing

  1. Free Writing

    Yes, it is as simple as it sounds. Whether you use pen and paper or a keyboard, just sit down and start writing. Don't think just write. Let the words flow out of you. I recommend free writing for 15 minutes a day. Think of it as a warm up. You wouldn't exercise without stretching first would you? Free writing loosens you up and helps you write better and chances are the free writing will inspire you to write a more in depth blog post.
  2. Flash Fiction

    This is easily my favorite writing exercise. We started writing flash fiction a few years ago when we added it to our daughter's daily home school curriculum. Flash Fiction open the imagination and fine tunes those writing skills.
  3. Read

    Reading is a great way to keep up on your writing skills. It will keep your mind sharp and inspire you. Read everything you can get your hands on from books, magazines, comics, blogs, etc. 

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