Naked Boosted Green Machine Juice Smoothie Review

Naked Boosted Green Machine Juice Smoothie

I recently decided to try Naked Boosted Green Machine 100% Juice Smoothie. Now, don't get me wrong. I love eating greens of all kinds, however I had never thought about actually drinking them. My brother of all people actually introduced me to these. If you knew my brother you would understand how surprised I was to find out that he loves these. My brother still refuses to eat anything green, but drinks these on a daily basis.

The smoothie contains 2 3/4 apples, 1/2 a banana, 1/3 kiwi, 1/3 mango and 1/12 pineapple.
It has 1335 mg of spirulina, 409 mg alfalfa, 102 mg broccoli, 102 mg spinach, 51 mg garlic, 76 mg barley grass, 51 mg kale, 76 mg wheat grass, 51 mg ginger and 51 mg parsley.

Unfortunately with my hectic lifestyle I don't always get to eat the way that I should. We all know that when we eat right and exercise we feel so much better everyday, sadly that is not always possible. Every morning when I wake up I put on a pot of coffee and while I'm waiting for my coffee I drink a juice smoothie. This accomplishes a couple of things. First - I'm not a breakfast eater so this helps fill me up and curb my appetite to until lunch and I don't end up binge eating at lunchtime. Second- I feel better in general. I have more energy and I feel great.
Do you drink juice smoothies? What is your favorite, tell me in the comments.

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