Is Direct Selling Right For You?

Have you been wondering if direct selling is right for you? answer the questions below to find out.

  • Do you like working in sales?
  • Are you comfortable sharing opportunities with others who would like to go in to the business?
  • Do you have leadership skills and like the idea of mentoring and training others?
  • Do you work well independently?
  • Are you socially active online/offline or both?
  • Are you comfortable meeting new people?
  • Do you want more control over your income?
  • Do you want to set your own hours
  • Do you want to be in control of how much money you make?
  • Do you have self confidence?
If you have answered yes to any of these questions you may be a perfect match for direct selling.

If you have logged on to any social media sites lately you have probably seen posts for the above companies. I know over the last six months the amount of direct sellers that have been popping up in my news feed has really grown. I have seen people from every walk of life, income bracket, stay at home moms, married women, single women, men and married couples who have signed up as independent direct sellers. Hallelujah let the entrepreneurship reign! It so refreshing to see that so many people have opted to put their life, their work and their future into their own hands. I applaud each and every one of you. You have inspired me to join and become an independent distributor and take control of my life and my future. Thank you all.

 I am no stranger to direct sellers. My mom worked as an Independent Avon Representative most of my life. This opportunity gave her the chance to stay at home when my brother and I was growing up and help supplement the family income at the same time. 
Our home was always full of people and my mom loved hosting parties for family, friends, and friends of friends who worked in direct selling.
 I have personally attended parties for Avon, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Tupperware, and Premier Jewelry, just to name a few. At every party I attended I noticed similarities in the Independent Representatives. They all spoke with confidence and passion regarding their company and the products that they offered. 
My personal opinion is that this is vital to ensure success in any field. When I was thirteen I remember my mom hosting a Mary Kay party for a friend of hers from high school. Everyone was shocked when they ran in to her after several years and discovered  that she had gone in to direct selling.
 They said her personality in high school was painfully shy, to the point that she would almost bust into tears if anyone spoke to her. The first time I met her was at the party my mom hosted. I could not believe this was the same woman everyone had been talking about. 
The woman I met was confident and outspoken and had the complete attention of everyone in the room.
 After the party everyone sat around congratulating her and telling her how far she had come since high school. 
Her response to this was that the passion she had for her work and being in control of her own life as a direct seller had given her the confidence to finally  overcome her shyness and come out of her shell.

 I have put together a list of companies that I have seen in one or more of my social media accounts. Over the past few months I have been researching the companies listed below and I would like to share the basics with you.

 Avon: $15 to sign up starter kit included

Mary Kay: $100 .00 plus tax, shipping and handling

 Younique: New presenter kits start at $99.00

Thirty – One starter kit $99.00

This particular one I could not access a sign up or starter kit price simply from the website. 

 Tupperware: Price for starter kit not listed. It does offer new reps $30 down payment with option to pay in full at registration or a 2 payment plan option. It says your kit will have over $340 worth of products .It does not say if this is the cost of the kit or not. I would suggest further research.

 Pampered Chef: Two kits to choose from PC Mini Kit $99.00 PC Kit $159.00 

 Premier Designs: Once again starter price not easily available on website. You will have to contact them directly for specifics.

Tips for signing up with a direct selling company

  •  Always do your homework when signing up as a direct seller 
  • Please always double check to make sure nothing has changed before signing up. 
  • Find out what kind of training they offer 
  • Make sure you feel comfortable promoting the products and company. ( passion leads to success) 
  • Find out if they offer incentives or bonuses
  •  Check online for customer reviews
  •  Does the company have a good standing?
  •  How long have they been in business? 
  • How do they Pay?
  •  How much do they offer in commissions? 
  • Are there any quotas to meet? 
  • Are there any monthly fees? ( Such as a fee for a personal website or online store, web office, etc.)
  •  Quality of products and service 
  •  Are you looking for a business that you can run online? 
  •  Does the company you want offer this opportunity? 

Research is the key to finding a direct selling company that is the best fit for you and your lifestyle.
 More tips before joining any company 

  • Sign up for FREE webinars for direct sellers, selling online, social media, etc. 
  •  Search YouTube for videos and conferences for social media selling, direct selling, etc.
  •  If you have decided which company you would like to sign up for narrow the search to training videos and conferences on YouTube from the company.
  •  I emphasize only signing up for FREE webinars because this is still the researching phase. 
  • There is no reason to spend hundreds of dollars if you have not decided for sure if direct selling is for you.

 Is direct selling right for you? Tell me in the comments. If you are already a direct seller tell the readers what company you are with and why?

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