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This review is based on PR Sample that I received for the purpose of conducting a review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Good morning and welcome to Biscotti & Bracelets!
I recently had the opportunity to review the “Fully Torqued” blend of Workaholics Coffee.

Typically when I write a review, I start with information about the company and product and save the review for the end of the post. This time the review will come first. Yes, it really is that good.

Now, let me start by saying I am a seasoned coffee drinker. Most people measure the amount of coffee they drink by how many cups they drink each day. I measure mine by how many cups, pots and cups of frozen coffee I have each day. I have even had family members tell me that after drinking one cup of my coffee that were not able to sleep for a week. Yeah, I like strong coffee.

That being said, it takes a special kind of coffee to impress me. Fully Torqued was able to achieve that and more. The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was the design of the box.

Instead of a boring ho hum look it was fun and vibrant and instantly put a smile on my face. 
The next thing you should know is that fully torqued lives up to its name. It has the highest strength level out of the Workaholics Coffee brand and I love it! 
The fully torqued has a strong, bold taste that I absolutely love. This is the kind of coffee that will walk down the hall, slap you in the face and yell WAKE UP! The fully torqued kept me going longer than any other brand that I have tried. 
Fully Torqued is my new Best Friend!

Workaholics is incredible as a frozen coffee as well.
Simply brew one cup, add to blender, and add 2 tablespoons of chocolate ice cream, handful of ice cubes and blend well. Pour into glass and top with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. The perfect afternoon pick me up.

Fully Torqued ( Favorite)
Let's Get Weird
Take It Sleazy
Straight Grizzly
Half Christmas Blend

Note: You can check the strength level for each blend directly on the website.

About the company:
Two Rivers Coffee launched in April 2012 in a small manufacturing plant where the company established the Brooklyn Bean Roastery brand . They became a pioneer in introducing Keurig compatible filtered single serve coffee cups. Two rivers coffee is a leading independently owned single serve beverage company that designs, brands,manufactures and distributes nationwide to thousands of retail stores in addition to dozens of online outlets. They offer a broad product line of over 60 coffee products with standard popular coffee roasts, a myriad of flavor coffees, as well as teas and hot cocoa. They have over 100 unique beverage choices across 11 brands.

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