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I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Opus International to review the Aroma Sense Luxury Shower Head. This review is based on PR Samples. All opinions are 100% my own and may differ from others.

photo c/o Aroma Sense USA

Product information:
As-Opus Vitamin C Cartridge ( With Natural Lemon Oil)
Microfiber Filter (2) – Washable
Ceramic Beads
Innovative Triangular Spray Plate Hole
Important to note: Vitamin C cartridge and microfiber filter should be replaced every 60-90 days ( depending on usage)
Very Important: Do not use cartridge if you are allergic to aroma fragrances or Vitamin C substances.

Cartridge Ingredients: Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) , distilled water, dextrin, pectin, natural lemon oil, arabic gum, pectin.

Materials Used : ABS, Stainless Steel, Chrome Coating.

Environment Friendly Product Mark

Chlorine Reduction
Vitamin C Replenishment
Aromatherapy Effect
Generates Additional Negative Ions
Increases Water Pressure

photo c/o Aroma Sense USA

I reviewed the Opus Wall Mounted Vitamin C Shower Head.

Spa Treatment at Home:
The Aroma Sense Luxury shower head is a 5 Star Aromatherapy Spa treatment at home. 
I absolutely loved it. Of course, Hubby installed the shower head so he quickly jumped in the shower as soon as it had been installed. According to him, he had to make sure he installed it correctly. He loved it! Hubby said, Now that is a shower. He loved the amount of water pressure we now had.
photo c/o Aroma Sense USA

I finally got my turn to test out the new shower. I was absolutely amazed in the difference. It felt like I had stepped under a waterfall compared to the last shower head that we had. 
The water pressure was greatly intensified and felt great.
Now, when I am suffering from back and neck pain, I simply head for the shower. Between the water pressure and the way it is designed it is like having a back massage while you are standing in the shower.
 I especially loved the fact that it has a water filter and is infused with Vitamin C. The lemon oil is an added bonus. The most surprising thing about this luxury shower head is that it removed the well water odor from our shower. I am really not sure how it managed this. If I had to guess I would assume it was a combination of the filter and the aromatherapy. The only thing I know for sure, is that it works great.

Photo c/o Aroma Sense USA
I was a little concerned when the package arrived that contained my Luxury Shower Head. Looking at the outside of the box and seeing everything that was in the box was a little overwhelming. 

However, my concerns were unjustified. Once I opened the box I was relieved to see that the shower head comes fully assembled. The only thing Hubby had to do was remove the old shower head and attach the new one.

Benefits of Vitamin C:
Neutralizes chlorine on contact and nourishes both skin and hair to help prevent dryness. Vitamin C also helps maintain your skin's elasticity for less wrinkles and is essential in the production of collagen.
Benefits of Lemon Oil:
Detoxifies the skin, relieves stress, increases alertness and concentration. It is also rich in antioxidants and possesses antiseptic properties to help treat pimples and skin disorders.

Easy to install
More water pressure
Water Filter
Vitamin C enriched
Lemon Oil aromatherapy
Beautiful design
Chlorine Reduction

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Aroma Sense has graciously offered to sponsor a giveaway for all of you.  This giveaway will go LIVE on July 9th and run until July 23rd. You will have the chance to win an Opus Wall Mounted Vitamin C Shower head with Lemon Oil just like the one in the review. Be sure to stop back by on July 9th

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