PBS Kids for Early Learning

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PBS Kids has always been a great place for learning for kids.
Bust those summertime blues with fun games that will entertain and teach your child.

When you are looking for ways to teach your child, I have discovered that they learn better if they are having fun. PBS kids makes this a reality for parents.
Your kids probably already love the shows on PBS, I know my daughter, my niece and nephew all do. I have used the website to help each of them learn everything from ABC's to reading to math and so much more.

The Games feature characters that children know and love. Such as : Curious George, Calillou, Super Why, Clifford, Word Girl, Thomas and Friends, Peg + Cat, Arthur, Martha Speaks and much more.

Here is a list of categories for the games on PBS Kids
  • New Games
  • Popular Games
  • ABC Games
  • Nature Games
  • Teamwork Games
  • Shapes Games
  • Math Games
  • Engineering Games
  • Adventure Games
  • Reading Games
  • Rhyming Games
  • Dinosaur Games
  • Science Games
  • Social Studies Games
  • Vocabulary Games
  • Spelling Games
  • Story Games
  • Feelings Games
  • Healthy Habits Games
  • Animal Games
  • Coloring Games
  • Music Games
  • Spanish Games
  • Holiday Games
  • and more

We utilize the reading games more than anything. My daughter actually developed her love for reading from PBS Kids shows. Her two favorites were Super Why and Word Girl. 
I have been using this website with my nephew for the past year and he loves it. He spends one hour a day on the reading games and his reading skills and vocabulary skills have improved by 100%. Once he has finished his reading he can choose any game that he wants to play.
Be sure to check out the Parents area for helpful information and tips.
What is your favorite website for early learning?

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