50 Binge Worthy TV Shows

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Over the past several years we have been introduced to "Binge Watching" thanks to all the streaming subscription services that are now available. This has been a huge advancement from binge watching via  DVDs . We all have our favorites that we can sit and watch all day long.
Today I will be sharing with you my family's Binge Worthy TV Shows list.
This list is compiled of shows from both the past and present. Some of the shows on this list were short lived but we loved them all the same. . Let me know what your favorite binge worthy shows are. Enjoy!

  1. Gilmore Girls
  2. Ghost Whisperer
  3. Pretty Little Liars
  4. Chuck
  5. NCIS
  6. Criminal Minds
  7. Doctor Who
  8. NCIS New Orleans
  9. Psych
  10. Numbers
  11. Castle
  12. Stitchers
  13. Daredevil
  14. Constantine
  15. Arrow
  16. Smallville
  17. O.C.
  18. One Tree Hill
  19. Elementary
  20. X-Files
  21. Agents of Shield
  22. Agent Carter
  23. Supergirl
  24. Lucifer
  25. Supernatural
  26. Birds of Prey
  27. Monk
  28. Matlock
  29. Warehouse 13
  30. The Haunted Collector
  31. Ghost Hunters
  32. Freaky Links
  33. Designing Women
  34. Star Trek
  35. Stargate SG-1
  36. Buck Rogers
  37. Chicago P.D.
  38. Hunter
  39. Wonder Woman
  40. V the original series
  41. Starsky and Hutch
  42. Barney Miller
  43. The A-Team
  44. Memphis Beat
  45. Charmed
  46. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
  47. Diagnosis Murder
  48. Murder She Wrote
  49. Bones
  50. Eureka

There you have it. Our Family's 50 Binge Worthy Shows. What shows do you binge?


  1. Great list. I binge-watched #48, but my husband wasn't at all interested. We both binged #27 and loved it. We also binged Person of Interest. Fun!

    1. Hi Jean, glad to see we have so many shows in common. Thanks for commenting.


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