Ghostbusters (2016) Review

Some reboots aren't good. Others are fantastic. Ghostbusters fits right into the "fantastic"category. With a fantastic cast, hilarious one liners, awesome CGI, you couldn't ask for a better summer movie.

The film follows Erin, Holtzman, Abby and Patty as they try to discover why there has been a general increase in paranormal activity in New York. What follows is an incredible two hours spectacle of ghostbusting shenanigans. It's an hilarious film, each character gets their chance to shine and they do. My personal favorite characters of the film (although it's an incredibly hard to choose a fave as they're all brilliant) were Patty and Holtzman.

The humor was always spot on, with hilarious one-liners "the word you're looking for is apocalypse" and "Was my job perfect? No, but everyone was alive". This movie was absolutely amazing and I could watch it over and over for days on end without tire. Seriously, can we have like, twenty sequels?



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