June Book Haul

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Today I will be sharing my June Book Haul. Many of you already know that Saturday is Fun Day at our house. Every Saturday morning my daughter Tegan and I head out for day of thrift store shopping and yard sales with my mama and daddy. I absolutely love the fact that we get to spend the whole day together having fun.
June was a great yard sale month for us in respect to finding books. The first book haul for June came to us courtesy of a church rummage sale who had recently closed their private school. It appeared like they were in the process of cleaning out the school library and had even more books donated for the rummage sale. 
They had books from every genre including textbooks and children's books. These were main interest at the sale since I am about to start planning the new homeschool year for my niece and nephew. That and trying to get them more excited about reading and getting them offline.
 There were literally thousands of books at this sale. I started talking to one of the men that was helping run the sale ( he noticed the stacks of books that my daughter and I had accumulated) and asked if I would like all the books there for $20. This is were my willpower was put to the test. Sadly, I really did not have room to take all the books. In fact it would have taken to van loads to get them home. I told him I was really interested in the children's books for my niece and nephew. He sold me all the children's books for $5! I went home with over 450 children's books for $5! I was in heaven and so was my niece and nephew.

The second book haul for June came the following Saturday. We stopped at a yard sale and they had a tall box of books ( over 300 books) Now, my daddy is disabled and does not get around that good and he was trying to dig through the box on the ground ( was not working well). We were trying to hold him up while he looked. A few minutes later he had enough and turned to the people having the sale and asked them how much they wanted for all the books. They sold him all the books ( over 300 of them) for $7 . Tegan and I then spent the next 10 minutes carrying arm loads of books to the van. A couple stops later we hit another sale that had books for sale again.
 My dad had learned his lesson at the other sale. He saw 50 or more books on the table and asked for a bulk price. Sold, for $4.
My daddy is where my love for reading came from. It did not matter how busy he was he always read at least 2-3 books every week. Now, that he is retired he reads so much more. He reads so many books that you really can't buy books for him because he has probably already read them. Lucky for me every time he finishes a book he gives it to me to read.
That night when we got home my dad finally sat down on the couch and spent the entire night going through his books. He called me the next morning to come pick up the books that were in the boxes that he had already read. Out of almost 400 books that he had bought there was only about 30 that he had not read yet.

My dream is to one day open a book store in town. I told my daddy at this rate he is going to be running the store with me. He said he would love to. We are off to good head start stock wise. Sadly, my house is feeling it. I have containers and boxes of books stacked up everywhere. We have to open the store very soon.
Total $16 Spent
800 + Books
Happy Reading!

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