Suicide Squad (2016) Review

Suicide Squad was easily one of my most anticipated films of this year and, despite what critics say, it didn't disappoint.

With new threats on the horizon, Amanda Waller puts together a team of convicted criminals in the hopes that they will be able to keep the world safe. Little do they know that that team will be tested sooner, rather than later.

Now that is what I call a summer movie. Hilarious, action-packed, emotional and filled with three-dimensional characters that you just can't help but like, despite what they've done in their past.

Of course, I won't lie, the character I was looking to most was Harley Quinn (played by Margot Robbie), and she didn't disappoint. She's just as mad, just as three-dimensional as she is in the comics and truly is the best thing of the movie. Then, of course, you have Floyd Lawton, aka Deadshot (played by Will Smith). His story-line is a great and emotional one, and on top of that, he gets a lot of the funny one-liners as well.

The plot itself is a fairly simple one, but the characters and the humor and the action more than made up for it. Not to mention the soundtrack. The soundtrack was absolutely amazing. 

If you want a funny, action packed, emotional film to see at the end of the summer, Suicide Squad is the one for you. It's definitely one of my favorite films of this year, if not of all time. 

5/5 Stars

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