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Welcome to Biscotti & Bracelets. I have some exciting news to share with you today just in time for the holiday shopping season.

New Product Launch 

We all want the very best for our kids when it comes to their physical, mental and emotional health.
This is where the line of Moodsters™ products for children come in.
Moodsters™ is the first of its kind emotional intelligence brand that is designed to promote emotional learning for back to school.

It was developed by Denise Daniels the CEO and Founder of Jelly Jam Entertainment. 
Denise Daniels is a Peabody Award Winning Broadcast Journalist, a Parenting and Child Development Expert and Author who specializes in the social and emotional development of children.

The Moodsters™ Line was created to educate, entertain and enhance the social and emotional development of children. The stories and educational toys teach simple strategies to build social and emotional intelligence skills in young children.

The Moodsters™ are celebrating the launch of two new products. The Moodsters™ Feelings Notebook & Feelings Crayon Set and The Moodsters™ Talking Plush and Activity Book Assortment. These products will retail for $11.99 and $16.99 online at and at Toys R Us stores.

The Moodsters™ Feelings Notebook and Feelings Crayon Set.

This is a new tool to help children express what they are feeling through creative play. The set consists of 5 Jumbo Feelings Crayons, each representing a different emotion ( happy, sad, loving, angry, and afraid). It is also accompanied by a 50 page feelings Notebook in which children can draw and color their feelings.

The Moodsters™ Talking Plush and Activity Book Assortment

The Talking Plush characters represent the 5 Moodsters™ detectives and personify the emotions that kids experience in their everyday life.
Happiness ( Coz) , Love ( Lolly), Fear ( Quigly), Anger ( Razzy), and Sadness ( Snorf)
Each of these plush characters articulates sayings and suggestions specific to the emotions that they represent. Each plush character comes with a 32 page activity book that helps kids learn about the emotions they are having while they are having them.

These two new products are joining the already popular and award winning interactive toy line including: The Moodsters™ Mirror, The Moodster™ Meter, The Moodster™ Feelings Flashlight that continue to retail on and in select Target Locations around the country.

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