SoBakeable - A New Subscription Box For Foodies

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I am so happy share this new monthly subscription box with you. Personally, I love to bake. The problem is the fact that I generally do not have all the ingredients on hand that I need. Once I make a grocery list out and see just how much I have to buy I am out of the notion to bake. That is where Sobakeable comes in. This would make a great Mother's Day gift or treat yourself.

Each month SoBakeable. sends a subscription box with two dessert kits full of pre-measured and pre-labeled ingredients and a full recipe guide to make two delicious and beautiful desserts. All the customer has to do is add butter, eggs, and milk - that easy. Not everyone has the time or skills to bake tasty treats, however SoBakeable makes it so everyone can bake like a pastry chef.
From Easter to Mother’s Day and those college graduates that will be stepping out on their own, the best gifts are always experiences. So getting in the kitchen with the family to bake up Raspberry Blondies or Vanilla Cookies can be more fun and create lasting memories.
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