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Hustle Humble Box Review


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One of my favorite parts of the blogging world is that I have the opportunity to work with some of the best PR Companies. ChicExecs have quickly become one of my favorite PR Companies to partner with.
I recently received a HustleHumbleBox from them and was introduced to some incredible new companies and great products. Without this monthly box, I might never have learned about these companies and their products. Thanks Hustle Humble!

About Hustle Humble:

Hustle Humble is a monthly media box and mini magazine our ChicExecs Branding Agency uses for marketing purposes. We feature influencers, brands, media and offer inspirational tips and advice for small businesses. Hustle Humble is sent directly to top media outlets every month highlighting the brands and influencers who are featured.
Hustle Humble isn't just a way to connect new brands and their stories with others. It's a way to empower entrepreneurs of all levels. Each box delivers beautiful, carefully-curated products that are designed to inspire, as well as content that can actually make a difference in how you grow and run your business.

The incredible women behind Hustle Humble are Nikki Carlson and Kailynn Bowling.
They made the list for Entrepreneur Magazine's 2017 Best Company Cultures.
Together they founded and own ChicBlvd.  Inc. with three divisions- ChicBlvd Magazine 
ChicExecs Brand Strategist Firm  and Fashion Audio LLC 

The Hustle Humble Monthly Box I received this month contained the following products
Aminocare Ageless Eye Cream
Voke Vitalizes Chewable Tabs
Freaker One Size Fits All Drink Insulator
Green Tree Jewelry Earrings
Korbata Mens Neck Tie

Aminocare Ageless Eye Cream

About the company:

Aminocare was created by a team passionate about optimal health and an interest in personal care products. The goal was to find gentle yet effective skincare solutions that were backed by powerful science and delivered visible results. Two decades ago a fusion of unique ingredients and cutting edge science which offer undeniable results was introduced to the cosmetic and health world. Founded in Texas, the brand has evolved into a full line of lifestyle products spanning skincare, body care, hair care and dietary supplements. Aminocare harnesses the power of nature and science to develop unique, high performance skincare and nutrition products.


After cleansing, smooth cream under the eyes. Use daily in the morning and evening. Avoid direct contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse with water.

Okay,lets be honest, at my age I am always looking for great anti-aging products. The Aminocare Ageless Eye Cream has a thin, lightweight feel to it. It absorbs quickly and easily without any oily residue. This product feels great and works well with my sensitive skin.

This intense eye cream includes Vitamin E and C, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter as well as Japanese Green Tea to help combat free radicals. The exceptional line smoothing comes from a phytosteroid complex of Wild Yam and Soya for even more firming and wrinkle reduction.

Voke Vitalizes Chewable Tabs

About the company:

A chewable tab that increase mental endurance, focus, short term memory and problem solving ability. Voke's uniquely effective recipe contains healthy natural ingredients at specific amounts that scientific research has shown to provide maximum mental and physical benefit. Each tab's effect lasts for 3-4 hours, making Voke a perfect solution for staying alert on long drives or all afternoon at work. Voke's mission is to provide a healthy, quick, uber convenient product that delivers a uniquely effective energy solution for everyday work and play.

The chewable tabs I received were Guarana Berry flavor. They taste great! Typically, I am give completely out by 2:00 pm and start downing coffee and soda to in order to stay alert and finish the day. Thanks to Voke Vitalizes, I have the energy to get through the day without the caffeine jitters.

Freaker Drink Insulator

About the Company

Established in 2011, via “the holy grail of Kickstarter videos”, the one size fits all drink insulator is on a mission to stop moist handshakes forever. They offer over 300 designs, NFL Players, collegiate, and DC Comics licensing. There is a perfect gift for everyone. Overflowing with personality and charm, both Freakers and Freakers Feet are made in a mom and pop hosiery mill in North Carolina. Freaker USA has been reinvigorating the NC textile industry since 2011 with a wild flair.

Loving the Irish design drink insulator that I received. My bottled water now has some BLING! In case you could not tell, I love this product. My insulator keeps the water from the outside of the bottle off my hands and my desk. I use this insulator at home, work, and on the go. It is fun, festive and works great!

Green Tree Jewelry

About the company:

Based in San Diego the company was founded by Father and Son Lance Nybye Sr. and Lance Nybye Jr. Green Tree's designer is Lance Jr. and he is laser focused on the smallest details, constantly improving the manufacturing process and product design. His inspiration for all Green Tree products come from The symbolic reasoning of the mind.

The earrings that I received are beautiful. They are Eco Friendly and stylish.

Korbata Neck Tie

About the company:

A conscious Guatemalan brand founded by Jennifer Menegazzo and Jse Lucero. They create unique patterns and sells high quality fashion accessories for men promoting Mayan textiles made by artisans in various indigenous communities.

The neck tie I received was a beautiful design and the quality of work and stitching was at its best.

The Hustle Humble Box that I received was incredible. I love the fact that there was a variety of different products and unique companies all in one box. The products are absolutely amazing and feature high quality items and background information on each company. Be sure to head over to the website and learn more.

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All information about companies listed c/o press release/press contact. Personal opinions of companies and products are 100% my own.

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