March Beauty Favorites

Welcome to Biscotti & Bracelets. Today we will be sharing our favorite beauty products for March. 

March Beauty Favorites

Exuviance Heel and Elbow Dry Skin Repair
Revlon Age Defying Foundation
Wet n' Wild megawear mascara
L.A. Colors Matte Eyeshadow
Ulta Lip Gloss Palette
L.A. Colors Mega Grow for nails

The Exuviance Heel and Elbow Dry Skin Repair is truly incredible. It works so well on my extremely dry skin. I am so happy that I found something that works so great, especially since Spring has arrived ( aka, sandal season).

Revlon Age Defying Foundation
I have been a huge fan of Revlon for years. This foundation sits on top of my skin and does not sink down into the pores the way most foundations do. It gives my face a clean, fresh, younger look.

Wet n' Wild Megawear Mascara
This has been the #bnbgirls go to mascara and we love it.

The Matte Eyeshadow creates so many different looks. Our favorite look to create using this is a smoky eye.

Okay, so Ulta obviously is a favorite here at #bnbgirls. Honestly, who doesn't love Ulta? The lip gloss palette is gorgeous with so many colors to choose from.

The L.A. Colors Mega Grow was a recent find for us. I must admit I was surprised by the results. I have been using the Mega Grow for a little over a month now and my nails look so much better. They are not breaking or peeling like they used to and are finally starting to grow.

There you have it. Our faves for March. We are looking forward to trying out new products this month and share our favorites with you.

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