Planet A: A Mother’s Memoir of Autism Spectrum Disorder by Diane Mayer Christiansen

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The month of April is National Autism Awareness Month. This is something that is very close to my heart. Today I will be sharing with you a book by author Diane Mayer Christiansen, Planet A: A mother's Memoir of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Diane Mayer Christiansen has dedicated her life to promoting understanding and kindness since the diagnosis of her son, Jackie, who is now 14 years old.  PLANET A: A Mother's Memoir of Autism Spectrum Disorder is the fifth book she has written to educate and spread awareness on the topic.

Diane speaks to topics like: 

  • How parents can better understand children with ASD (their own children and other peoples')
  • Tips for navigating the education system 
  • How to safely take your ASD child out of their comfort zone
  • What you should never say to a parent of an ASD child
  • And more! 

Planet A: A Mother’s Memoir of Autism Spectrum Disorder 
by Diane Mayer Christiansen

MEMOIR SHEDS LIGHT ON AUTISMMom shares her journey, helps parents of autistic children and other children alike

“Mom, sometimes I feel like everyone but me lives on planet Earth and that it’s great here. Everyone understands everyone else, and most people are happy. But then I live on this other planet, Planet Autism. It’s far away and maybe not as nice, and I’m all alone there.”
Diane Mayer Christiansen shares this quote from her son, Jackie, with readers in her new book, Planet A: A Mother’s Memoir of Autism Spectrum Disorder. In it, she invites readers to join her and Jackie on “Planet A,” documenting their journey from diagnosis to adolescence.

Jackie isn't alone. Recent CDC estimates report 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). That means most of us will at least know of someone diagnosed with ASD. 
And while recent years have shown higher rates of diagnosis, which has lead to further knowledge about the disorder, Christiansen believes we have a long way to go to, from our education system, to our general understanding of ASD. Through the first-hand experiences shared in Planet A, she addresses topics like:
  • How to better understand children diagnosed with Autism 
  • Tools for handling ASD outbursts 
  • Surviving and thriving in an education system that doesn't always understand ASD

Planet A shares the journey of one family learning to live on “Planet A,” but Christiansen’s mission is to promote kindness and understanding, a message that extends far beyond autism. 

About the Author

DIANE MAYER CHRISTIANSEN grew up struggling with dyslexia, and was unable to read efficiently until her late twenties. Christiansen graduated from Aurora University and began her career as a laboratory manager at Northwestern University, where she was involved in genetic research for the department of biochemistry, molecular biology, and cell biology. After her son Jackie was born and diagnosed with autism, she began her writing career. She has spent the past ten years writing books with a primary theme of accepting others and speaking about her journey with her son and autism. Jackie also speaks about his own feelings and how ASD has affected him. 
Learn more at and connect with Diane on Twitter and Facebook.

Planet A: A Mother’s Memoir of Autism Spectrum Disorder is currently available on Amazon

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