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We recently had the opportunity to try two products from Rituals Cosmetics.

The products that we received were:
Calming Shower Oil ( white lotus & yi yi ren)
Silence 3 in 1 Hand Scrub ( white lotus & yi yi ren)

The first product that we tested was the Silence 3 in 1 Hand Scrub. ( previously known as Silence)
  1. 7 FL oz./200 ml

Silence 3 in 1 Hand Scrub

I can honestly say that I used this as soon as I opened the box.
I was really looking forward to the hand scrub. I am a lotion hoarder. My hands are always so dry and flaky that I am constantly using lotion.
 Lotion helps some, however until I received the hand scrub I never considered the problem was with the fact that I was simply trying to cover up the problem.

The hand scrub really gives your hands a deep clean and loosens and softens all the dry flaky skin. I followed the instructions and applied to dry hands, scrubbed and massaged into my hands and then rinsed and dried my hands.
 The difference in my hands after the first use was amazing. My hands felt silky smooth after one use. I have been using the hand scrub everyday and my hands look and feel better than they have in years.

About: ( information from the brand)

A luxury hand scrub for daily use. Deeply cleanses, refreshes and softens hands.
Enriched with nourishing oils that are easily absorbed by the skin to restore suppleness and moisture balance. Combines the relaxing fragrance of white lotus with the nourishing properties of yi yi ren.


Step 1:
Scrub and massage on dry hands.
Rinse and Dry.
Designed for daily use.

The second product we tested was the Calming Shower Oil ( previously known as Sheng Shui)

    1. FL oz/ 200ml

Calming Shower Oil:

My new nightly “Ritual”
This was my first time using a shower product with white lotus. The first thing you notice is the heavenly aroma. The second thing you notice is the amazing silky feel of it. I was a little concerned using a shower oil because I was worried about my skin feeling greasy/ oily afterward. The oil turns into a foam under the water and rinses away easily. After my shower my skin is smooth to the touch and does not feel oily. The Calming Shower Oil has become part of my nightly routine. It helps me relax and wash away all the stress of the day.

About: ( information from the brand)

This relaxing shower oil transforms into a silky soft foam on contact with water, leaving your skin feeling wonderfully soft. The oil nurtures and hydrates your skin while showering. It combines the relaxing fragrance of white lotus with the nourishing properties of yi yi ren, an ingredient traditionally used in Chinese medicine.


Apply the oil on dampened skin and massage with a rotating movement until it transform into a silky soft foam, then rinse off with luke warm water.


Rinse the bath or shower well after use to avoid slipping. Rinse thoroughly if it comes into contact with eyes.

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About the website:

Their website is very easy to navigate. The products are easily accessible in categories.
Each item gives you the price, the size, ingredients, and instructions for use. They also include shipping and returns in this area and even have a link for international shipping prices. There is no guessing when you get to check out. You will know the shipping prices and how long delivery takes before you get to check out.

What do they offer?

  • Products for both men and women
  • Body
  • At Home products
  • Products for the Face
  • Gifts ( think Mother's Day)
  • Perfume
  • Makeup ( They have the most amazing lip colors)
  • Baby & Mama
  • Travel Essentials


About Rituals:

We're not here to sell you beauty, we are here to make you feel good”

Where to Find Rituals:

Department Stores
Urban Spas

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