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In the South, long hot summer days are some of the best days of the year. We fill those extra hours of daylight with trips to the coast, picnics at the lake, garden parties, BBQ's, bonfires and more. The most enjoyable thing, though, would be being with friends, eating delicious food and drinking heavenly flavors of wine, assuming we had cork openers on hand.

But thanks to Backpack Wine, that's no longer an issue, because wine now comes in a can. Say goodbye to those corks and glasses that you typically have to carry with you when you want to enjoy a nice glass of wine outdoors. All you have to do is throw those cans into a cooler to chill so you can enjoy them later, or just grab it straight out of the fridge and sit down on your front porch and enjoy your drink as the sun sets.
I recently had the opportunity to review the Snappy White Wine and the Cheeky Rose Wine.

The Snappy White Wine has a very crisp flavor perfect for BBQ's.
Description of flavor:
Snappy White™ has a touch of sweetness and weight that finishes with refreshing acidity. This balanced white delivers notes of green apple and Asian pear, making it perfect for cocktail hour or with spicy summer dishes.

The Cheeky Rose Wine is delicious on its own or enjoy at a lakeside picnic or garden party. It pairs very nicely with chicken salad, cheese, and grapes.
Description of flavor:
Cheeky Rosé™ is a drier expression, with peach, strawberry and rose petal; a clean crisp blush wine, it’s a great treat next to an open grill in the summer or beside rich foods in the winter.

In case your wondering how much wine is in each can, it equals one wine glass. Yes, I checked. Honestly, I was really curious what wine from a can would taste like. I was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful the taste was for both flavors. I now have a new addition to the menu for all those summertime events. Thanks Backpack Wine!

About the company:

Meet Backpack Wine™: versatile rosé and white wine blends sourced from the finest vineyards and packaged in a can that’s ready for anything – tailgate to ski slope, bar to beach. For the first time great-tasting, quality wine is offered in a convenient, take-anywhere can. Available in four-can packs of Cheeky Rosé™ or Snappy White™ blend varieties, Backpack Wine will be sold in leading grocery and beverage retailers as well as at fine restaurant and bar establishments across the Chicagoland area, beginning September 2016.

WHY BACKPACK WINE? • Convenient to carry, non-breakable, easy-open and recyclable cans help wine lovers celebrate and socialize where other wines can’t • Backpack gives wine lovers a way to take their favorite beverage anywhere they go • Backpack eliminates the pretense of wine, breaking down barriers to exploration for today’s consumers who care more about personal taste than drinking what other people tell them to • Oh, and it tastes good • Really, really good Backpack Wine will be available in IL, WI, IN, IA, MO, KS, MI, OH, KY, TN, AR, LA, TX, FL, CO, AZ and NV beginning late summer into fall, with national expansion planned for mid-2017. 

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