Fall Hair Trends

Good morning and welcome to Biscotti and Bracelets. The Fall Season is approaching and is a great time to try out some new Hair Trends.

With fashion month in full swing and fall encouraging you to welcome the new season with different hairstyles, it’s time to start looking at how to change-up your hairstyle… easily.

Hairdo Clip-In Bang ($29, Extensions.com)

If you’re debating whether to bang or not to bang, bang! With Hairdo, testing a bang has never been so commitment-free. You can easily play up your look with a fringe without having to visit your hairstylist for a snip.

Hairdo French Braid Band ($10, ULTA.com)

Get the braided do you’ve always wanted in a matter of seconds. Wear it with loose hair one day and throw it up for an elegant updo the next – this is a piece you’ll want to wear every day.

Hairdo Simply Straight Pony ($49, ULTA.com)

This strut-your-stuff wrap-around pony delivers style straight-up. By instantly adding length, verve and volume to your ponytail, you too can rock the enviable polished look.   

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