Mini Beauty Haul: Fierce Effects Lipstick #hardcandy

Our current obsession here at Biscotti and Bracelets is the Hard Candy Fierce Effects Lipstick line. The line has absolutely stunning lipstick tubes, and the colors are even more magnificent. We were lucky enough to try out the new matte shades, but the line includes 24 bold colors, including six shades in matte and eighteen in high pigment colors.
PR Sample
The matte glides on smooth, giving you a bold and daring look for hours. It's a sure confidence booster, and would be an excellent companion for daring Halloween looks this year.
The Hard Candy Line is available exclusively at Walmart and
Price: $5.00 each
Available in Matte and High Pigment Color
Matte Shades:
1261 Black Tie
1262 Crave
1263 Manatee
1264 Envy
1265 Exhibitionist
1266 Tempt Me

Daring Saturated High Pigment Colors:
1048 Galactica
1051 Prowler
1053 Thunder
1054 Black Diamond
1060 Heartbreak
1062 Sky's the Limit
1066 Nudist
1069 Night Queen
1070 Jealousy
1171 White Out
1192 Twisted Metal
1228 At First Blush
1229 Purple Reign
1230 Alley Cat
1231 Ruby Slipper
1232 Hit the Pavement
1233 Ink Well
1234 Bloodline

Have you tried the Fierce Effects Lipstick line? Tell us what you think. 


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