New #DoctorWho Companions Announced @tegans_marie

With Christmas fast approaching, Whovians are preparing for a tearful hour with this year's special, Twice Upon a Time, which will not only be Peter Capaldi’s swan song, but also current headwriter, Steven Moffat’s.

But the future has never looked brighter for Doctor Who fans. In July, it was announced that Jodie Whittaker would be taking over the role following Peter Capaldi, making her the first female incarnation of the Doctor (outside of Children in Need specials). Replacing Steven Moffat will be Chris Chibnall of Broadchurch fame.

Today, we were finally given another snippet of the Whittaker-led TARDIS, when the BBC gave us the announcement we’ve been waiting for since Pearl Mackie confirmed she, too, would be leaving this Christmas: who is the next companion?

Sorry, did I say companion? I meant companions, because the Thirteenth Doctor will be having one of the largest TARDIS teams since the Fifth Doctor!

It was announced today that Whittaker will be joined by Bradley Walsh (who will play Graham), Mandip Gill  (Yasmin), and Tosin Cole (Ryan). Sharon D Clarke has also been cast as a returning role.

Not only that, it was also confirmed the series will return Autumn 2018 with ten fifty minute episodes, and an hour long premiere.

Let us begin our countdowns, because the new era of Doctor Who has begun...and it's shaping up to be a great one.


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