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For years, we’ve been fans of the Sinful Colors brand--their sleek look and bold colors are fantastic--so imagine our glee at the prospect of reviewing their new collection, Punk Yourself!

It's just as reliable (one coat coverage for those days when you’ve got one foot out the door, and your nose in a cosmetic bag), just as bold, and just as colorful. One might even say it's almost sinful to have such good nail polish. See what I did there?

Punk Yourself Hypnotic Transforming Top Coats:

The five limited edition Hypnotic Transforming Top Coats is the coolest thing to happen to nails in a very long time. I mean, solid color nails are fantastic, but how many times have you stared at your nails and thought, I want this to be more unique. Here's your chance.
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I loved the Punk Yourself Line of Hypnotic Transforming Top Coats. I tried a couple of different looks.
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I created this look by mixing Sinful Colors 24/7 ( pink) with the Hypnotic Transforming Top Coat Punk the Town. I added one drop of 24/7 then a drop of Punk the Town, another drop of 24/7 followed by another drop of Punk the Town and then used a toothpick to swirl the colors together and applied it to my nails to create this beautiful look.
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This was the second look I tried. This look was created using Sinful Colors Navy I do and Hypnotic Transforming Top Coat Concrete Jungle. With this look I painted the Navy I Do directly on my nails. While the polish was still wet I added a thin layer of Concrete Jungle to my nails.
You can mix and match different colors of Sinful Colors polish and the Hypnotic Transforming Top Coats to create unique looks. I have really enjoyed all the different looks that I have been able to create with just a few bottles.
It is important to note that the Hypnotic Transforming Top Coats need to be applied to wet nails. Once you add a coat of polish wait about 6-8 seconds and then apply the Hypnotic Transforming Top Coat. You will achieve a different look every time you use it.
I highly recommend picking it up and trying it out for yourself.


About the line: 
The Sinful Colors Punk Yourself Line is a fierce, fearless and unconventional New Nail Collection. The new line features an innovative formula to create and customize one- of- a- kind , individualized looks. Applied over wet nail polish, Hypnotic Transforming Top Coats quickly transform to create an instant melted, liquefied or dyed effect in a single brush stroke. Results are completely unique with each use.

This collection includes five New! Limited Edition Hypnotic Transforming Top Coats.
  • Concrete Jungle- slate grey ( personal favorite)
  • Punk The Town- bright purple (personal favorite)
  • Purpunk- light purple
  • Rebel Rebel- navy blue
  • Redrum- bright red
5 Must have base colors
  • 24/7 - bright pink ( personal favorite)
  • Navy I Do- navy blue ( personal favorite)
  • Mint Apple- mint green
  • Yolo Yellow- bright yellow
  • Energetic Red- cherry red

  • Amazing colors
  • Easy to use
  • Beautiful and unique results
  • Endless color combinations
  • $1.99 a bottle
  • Made in USA
  • 5 free ( Toluene, Formaidehyde, Formaidehyde Resin, DPB, and Camphor Free)

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Available exclusively at Walgreens- August 2017
and in selected mass and drug retailers including ULTA, Walmart, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Fred Meyer September through October 2017.

PR Sample
Have you tried the new line yet?  Let us know in the comments. Have a great day!


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