The Best Retinol Treatment For Sensitive Skin

Over the years as a beauty editor I've come to know the rules of skin care like the back of my hand. In the morning you cleanse, correct, hydrate and protect. In the evening you cleanse, correct and hydrate. Unfortunately for people like me who suffer from sensitive skin it is not always that easy.

Recently I was introduced to the brand PCA Skin They offer a wide variety of products including a line specifically designed for sensitive skin to help you achieve the best looking skin possible.

I was excited to try the Retinol Treatment for sensitive skin. It has a smooth, lightweight texture that absorbs quickly into the skin. The retinol treatment works beautifully with my sensitive skin. I use this treatment every other night and my skin looks smoother, healthier and younger than it has in years.  

TheTheinol treatment for sensitive skin does not cause excessive drying, redness or irritation of any kind to my skin.

The Retinol Treatment for Sensitive Skin has been featured in the Oprah Magazine and was the winner of the coveted 2017 Fall Beauty O- Wards.

 The retinol is paired with niacinamide, inflacin and the patented omnisome delivery system for less irritation without sacrificing efficiency.

Directions for use: In the evening apply a pea sized amount after cleansing. Use 2x a week, gradually increasing application frequency to every other night and then advancing to each evening as tolerated. Follow with moisturizer. It is important to remind you to wear a broad spectrum SPF during the day when using this product at night since retinol is sun sensitizing.

Product size: 1oz.
Price: $109.00

If you are looking for the best retinol treatment for sensitive skin I highly recommend PCA Skin.


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