SinfulColors Preview Collection

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SinfulColors announced a major brand expansion with the launch of an extensive color cosmetics collection.Fans were able to get a sneak peek at some of the top products on Amazon in November. Most recently in January of this year they were available in select retail stores such as Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid and online. Over 100 new products will be available in 2018

Today we are featuring the SinfulColors Preview Collection here at Biscotti and Bracelets.
The Preview Collection features 18 awesome new products.

Bold Brow™ Intense Effects
Dynamic Duos of stunning brow colors. They have dual ends with two unique shades to amp up your brows. They feature metallic and shade shifting iridescent colors, cream formula, and an easy to use brush tip.
Available in two color duos:
Stormy/ Fierce ( iridescent pink / iridescent blue glitter)
Smoldering/ Ferocious ( metallic burgundy/ copper)
Price: $6.99

Diva Lash Color Mascara ™
Color rich formula coats every last. Comes with a pumped up defining brush to build color quickly. Wear one color or mix and match different colors.
Available in four shades:
Scanda-Lash ( bright purple)
Lash Splash ( electric blue)
Lashing Out ( shade shifting burgundy)
Fantas-Eyes ( metallic copper)
Price: $5.99

Stop and Stare™ Gel Eyeliner
Very easy to use pencil. Glides on smoothly, easily creates a perfect line. Creamy, dreamy formula lines your lashes in striking, sparkling color with a lightweight, comfortable feel. The smooth texture glides easily across the eye for a smooth application and a sharpenable pencil design keeps the gel liner tip superfine all the time. Available in four shades:
Intense ( rich, reflective plum)
Lielock Eyes ( a pearly purple)
Provocative ( electric blue)
Seductive ( sassy metallic rose gold)
Price: $5.99

Shady Babe™ Duo Cream Shadow
The Duo Cream Shadow comes in two perfectly paired shades. The dual ended shadow adds depth and definition. The smooth formula glides over lids without tugging to amp up your eyes with a heavy dose of metallic lacquer. Available in four shades:
Charming/Stunning ( pink/ turquoise)
Tempting/ Alluring ( lilac/ blue)
Hypnotic/ Dazzling ( khaki/ grey)
Enchanting/ Glamorous ( navy/ rose gold)
Price: $6.99

Face Forward ™ Allover Highlighter Stick
Get selfie ready with these highlighting, sculpting and strobing sticks. Illuminating your best features and enhancing your natural glow. Ultra blendable cream to powder formula glides on effortlessly to create amped up accents and dynamic highlights on all skin tones to illuminate any complexion. Available in four shades:
Get Lit ( iridescent blue)
Glow Potion ( iridescent pink)
Rose Glow ( metallic rose gold)
AfterGlow ( metallic gold)
Price: $6.99

The casual cafe look was created using the following products:
Bold Brow™ Intense Effects in Smoldering/ Ferocious
Diva Lash Color Mascara ™ in Lash Splash
Stop and Stare ™ Gel Eyeliner in Intense
Shady Babe ™ Duo Cream Shadow in Charming/ Stunning
Face Forward ™ Allover Highlighter Stick in Glow Potion.

Get a dose of glamour with SinfulColors Preview Collection.

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