Be Stylish and Safe with Self- Defense Jewelry #PressforProgress

Good morning and welcome back to Biscotti and Bracelets. Today we are featuring a necklace that was created by Jessie Goodkind that is both stylish and could save your life.

With International Women's Day nearing, it's time to #PressForProgress. For Winter Park local and UCF alumni, Jessie Goodkind, Sparkle and Sabre owner, that means putting the safety back into the hands - or on the necks - of women.

After experiencing sexual harassment and assault more times than she could count, Goodkind created the Not ToKnife.

The lariat necklace design has a fully functioning pocket knife pendant. In one of her experiences, Goodkind was not able to reach her self-defense weapon that was hiding in her purse. The Not ToKnife is meant to not only be discrete but to also be readily available.

Sparkle and Sabre owner launches discrete pocket-knife necklace

More women are coming forward to share their stories of sexual assault and harassment. While at work, or enjoying a night out, women are constantly made aware of potential threats surrounding them. That’s why Sparkle and Sabre owner, Jessie Goodkind created the Not ToKnife.

The Not ToKnife is designed to add a sense of security to trendy women’s jewelry styles. At first glance, it just looks like a necklace, but looking closer, you’ll find that the pendant is a tiny, working pocket knife. The one-inch blade, made by Rough Rider, is gold and stainless steel with pink mother of pearl inlay. Closed, it measures one and a half inches.

Each necklace is handmade and fully functional. The knife pendant, which hangs from a y-chain, can be worn over or under one’s outfit. Giving the wearer an option for the pendant to be visible, or to be discreetly hidden. The necklace also features an easy to unclasp magnetic closure for added safety and ease of removal.

“Two major events really opened my eyes to the dangers that young women face,” explains Goodkind. “In September 2017, a stranger attempted to abduct me while I was downtown. I did have a self-defense weapon in my purse, but the man prevented me from reaching it. Between that and recently being forced to leave my job due to harassment and intimidation by a customer/friend of management, I decided enough was enough.”

After searching for something to feel her need, she came up empty handed and decided to design it herself.

Goodkind also drew inspiration from Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark’s podcast, My Favorite Murder. The hosts have a saying, “Stay Sexy. Don’t get Murdered.” Because why should women have to choose between safety and style?

ABOUT SPARKLE AND SABRE: Sparkle and Sabre was created by Jessie Goodkind and features the Not ToKnife, a necklace with a full-functioning knife pendant. The Not ToKnife is currently available in a variety of sizes, length and knife choices, along with customizable options through Sparkle and Sabre’s Etsy shop. For more information and to order, visit
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