6 Must Have Social Media Channels for the Serious Blogger

6 Must Have Social Media Channels for the Serious Blogger

Welcome back to Biscotti and Bracelets. Grab a cup of coffee and kick back and relax. Today I will be sharing the six must have social media channels that serious bloggers need

While it's a great idea to have all the social media accounts I will share with you today it's important to remember you don't have to rock every channel. My advice is to try out all the social media networks and see which ones give you the most exposure to your blog followers. Knowing which networks your followers prefer is the key to blogging success. It is also important to choose a network that you are comfortable using.

Social Media Networks

Twitter has always been my absolute favorite social media network. My readers are active on Twitter and over half of my blog traffic comes from Twitter. I love all the Twitter chats, parties, live tweeting my favorite television shows and not to mention all the incredible and supportive people I have met over the years.

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Okay, I admit Pinterest is a dangerous network for me. I can log in to pin my latest blog posts and the next thing I know I have lost two hours or more. Pinterest is visual which is something I really love. Pinterest is a search engine all in it's self. That being said when you pin be specific about what you are pinning. Description is of the utmost importance when it comes to being found in a Pinterest search.
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Complete honesty here, I am absolutely terrified of doing live video. I don't know what it is but every time I hit that little red button I turn into a blubbering idiot who can't remember how to form words. YouTube is on my conquer the fear and overcome this year. I plan to start recording more videos of my beauty hauls and reviews and adding them to my blog posts.
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I will admit Instagram is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Ironically I started using Instagram after watching a TV show called SELFIE about a woman who was addicted to social media and started trying to be a better person in real life Instead of living completely for social media likes and followers.
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You're probably wondering why I included LinkedIn in this post. LinkedIn is a must have for me because I am able to connect with people in the same field. Bloggers really need to have a solid support system behind them and LinkedIn has done that for me. The blogging world is constantly changing and it really does help to have like minded people who are going through the process that you can talk to and mentor you. The blogging community has gotten a bad wrap in the last couple of years but I can honestly say I have always had great bloggers who really care and are more than happy to share advice and answer my questions.
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Yes, I have Facebook and no I don't use it. I have both a personal and a page for the blog. I don't use either one. The most I will do is share my Instagram posts to the fan page. I know so many bloggers who have tremendous success with Facebook and live and breathe the network. Personally I have never liked using Facebook for personal or business. My readers are on Twitter and that's where I focus my energy.


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